The Israeli Music Project

The Israeli Music Project

The Israeli Music Project

Our belief is that all Jewish communities around the world should be connected to the modern israeli  culture.

Therefore, our project is about reaching your community with the best Israeli teachers who teach music and DJ.

Our musical team brings to you the best of contemporary Israeli music culture and with the help of the Hebrew language together with your children we will create unique musical ensembles and perform the best Israeli music songs –

Arik Einstein, Kaveret, Uzi Hitman, Eyal Golan, Avraham Tal and many more.

During our project we will reach you to the community and build the musical and singing ensembles,
As part of the work, we will expose your children to Israeli Hebrew culture from music to stories.

The ability to play together in the ensembles, and communicate with the Hebrew language, creates a cultural Israeli communal fraternity.

And the highlight of the project is the performance of a concert composed of the best Israeli music songs.

The project is suitable for children and youth aged 10 and above who already play and sing.

We will be happy to reach your community and create you Jewish Israeli cultural music.

The program established and accompanied by a management team from the world of education and music –

Gili Koral
Kobi Weitz
Uzi Bar Noy