The Jewish music project

The Jewish music project

The Jewish music project

"He who cares for days- Sows wheat
He who cares for years- plants trees
He who cares for generations- educates people"
(Janusz Korczak)

The project objective:

Connecting the young generations of worldwide Jewish communities to their Israeli roots through getting to know Hebrew and Israeli musical culture of all periods. Eg. The army performing groups, Arick Einstein, Gidi Gov, Uzi Chitman, Yardena Arazi, Shlomo Arzi, Ofra

Hasa, Yehuda Poliker, The Kaveret Band, Yigal Bashan, Shlomi Shabat, and others.

Creating and reinforcing through music, the connection between the young community and the Israeli culture.

Creating a base of Israeli and Jewish music in the Jewish community as a part of the Israeli Jewish culture.

Getting to know the land of Israel via its songs, like Kineret Sheli (Rachel), Mifratz Shlomo (Zohar Argov), Yerushala?m shel zahav (Naomi Shemer), etc.

Improving the knowledge of the Hebrew language among the young community by using music, singing and speaking acquired through the world of music.

Creating Israeli social relationships around the topic of music.

Conserving Jewish traditions through music.

Implementing the project:

Operating a set of musical activities after school hours ? setting up ensembles and learning to play music, to perform and adapt Israeli songs according to the program.

Musical enrichment in Hebrew for the participants.

Conducting Israeli art and music workshops.

Public participant performance to the community.

The project target population:

The participants would be 10 to 99 years old (or more!) with some initial experience in music playing or singing.

The project participants would have elementary ability to communicate in Hebrew or the ability and wish to acquire the language.

The project is suitable young people as well as adults and music ensembles will convene in the afternoon and evening hours.

(possible during the school holidays)

So why music?

Music is a well-known therapeutic tool, making use of musical instruments and music composition.

Music is a spontaneous expression, and more readily learned than verbal language.

Music is an international language understood by all – that conveys feelings and emotions

It is not an end in itself, but the means by which to reach various objectives.

Through music the players focus on the positive and healthy aspects of their lives, to lead them to realize and fulfil their full potential.

Music is a tool that enables the expression of emotional issues and enables the creation of a connected, shared identity and vision among group members, on a personal level.

Interestingly to us music creates a vision, linked to memories –

like the aroma of grandma?s stew evoking a warm family feeling; not unlike how one note can bring to mind a journey  through the views of the Israeli  landscape and culture .

We would love to play with you the sounds and senses of Israel so that you too can

gain the warm feeling that accompanies the music.