The Jewish music project

The Jewish music project

The Jewish music project

“He who cares for days- Sows wheat
He who cares for years- plants trees
He who cares for generations- educates people”
(Janusz Korczak)

This summer, we will give you an educational musical experience that will open your heart and connect you to the Jewish and Israeli music.

So what is our project talking about?


is actually our way of connecting you and your families to the foundations of Jewish and Israeli music

through playing and understanding the history and culture of the Jewish people in the land of Israel.

Through the songs you will learn to speak some Hebrew and get to know the Israeli slang

Through music, you will get to know the beautiful Israeli culture, from holy places in Israel to pioneering and cultural places.

We will talk about and recognize all the styles of music of the Jewish people from the Bible period in to the present days.

During our project we will divide into musical groups and stages-

The kibbutz stage:

By the music, we will get to know the kibbutzim in Israel- what is a kibbutz? why were the kibbutzim established?
what was the culture in the kibbutz?

the musicians who came out of the kibbutzim and we will play songs created in the kibbutzim.

The city stage:

We will get to know and play the cities of Israel from the establishment of the Land of Israel until today
We will recognize poets and music creators from cities in the country.

Where are the major cities in Israel located?
Which city is located on a beach?
Eilat? Jerusalem? Tel Aviv ? Maybe Nahariya?

The ensembles:
At this point, we will unite all project participants to a musical ensembles
and we will work on playing songs and preparing you all for a musical concert in front your families and the members of the Jewish community.
The show will feature ensembles, stories and even funny show performance from the Israeli Jewish culture.

At each stage, our team members will work with the participants to learning and strengthening the music, exposing you to the extensive cultural knowledge of the Jewish and Israeli music, recognizing the strength of the Jewish people through the music.

We will strengthen you as a community and will support and strengthen each one of the participants in person by create new and sociable excitement through the music.

We will be happy to lead you in our musical path under the cultural foundations of the Jewish people.

We not only play music, we educate generations through music.

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